We all know that we should be doing more to help the environment- from using less plastic to reducing food waste to using less water. This is because not only does it take energy to create these kinds of resources, but it also requires it to recycle or dispose of them. And this energy more often than not comes from fossil fuels. Which of course, are incredibly damaging to the planet we live on. When it comes to water, almost all of us are guilty of wasting it at home. And every time we let it run down the plug hole unnecessarily, it’s being sent back to water treatment facilities to be cleaned again, which are powered by (you guessed it) fossil fuels. Thankfully, there are a few small changes each and every one of us can make which can all add up to make a huge difference.

Have a water meter fitted

Water meters are becoming the standard in homes across the world. This is where you’re billed on exactly how much water you use. This step alone can make you much more aware of what you’re using, as not only are you saving water but money as well. Having a set bill that allows you to use unlimited amounts of water might seem like a good deal, but actually, most households save significantly when they make the switch.

Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth

Something so simple, but think of the difference it would make if everyone did this? Are you guilty of leaving the tap on, letting clean water pour straight down the plug hole while you brush? It’s incredibly wasteful and unnecessary, simply turn off the tap. Two minutes in the morning and two minutes in the evening of teeth brushing- imagine how much water you alone could save if you ditched this bad habit?

Store rainwater

Are you green fingered? If you enjoy being out in the garden and take pride in your lawn and plants, chances are you’re using a lot of water keeping them at their best. The problem is, the water you’re using has been cleaned to a high enough standard to drink, and so pouring it all over your plants is something of a waste. You don’t have to give up on your hobby, just start storing rainwater instead. Companies sell everything from small water tanks for the home to large rainwater tanks for the garden so purchase one that suits your needs. Every time it rains it will fill up, and you can use this during dry spells. Best of all, you can use this water even if there’s a hosepipe ban.

Have a shower instead of a bath

Finally, another simple habit would be taking a shower instead of a bath. Baths are wonderful and it’s nice to luxuriate in one every now and again. But if you just need to get clean, switch out your bath during the week and get a quick shower instead. Treat yourself to a bath and some nice products less frequently, and chances are you’ll enjoy it more.