Most of the time people like you and me have a particular narrative that it’s expensive and not essential to hire a lawyer or an attorney until they get into some complex situations or trouble that requires the intervention of legal minds.

Becker & Company are trying to write off the narrative by providing different categories of lawyers and attorneys that are highly qualified to handle any legal help you might need.

In this review, I will highlight some of the common reasons why people seek legal assistance when in different situations.


The most common reason why people seek advice from lawyers and attorneys is for family law issues.  Numerous family issues require the intervention of a lawyer to yield a positive outcome.

These issues include;


Divorce is not always a walk in the park; therefore, most couples put in their best foot forward to make things work out in their marriage. But, sometimes things don’t go as planned prompting couples to seek divorce as their last resort.

There are numerous legal laws surrounding divorce and many court sessions.  From drafting, filling, serving documents and making sound decisions about assets, child support, or alimony, a family attorney can be of great help to you by ensuring all these proceedings are professionally attended.

Additionally, you might need a lawyer In case you want some changes in the original divorce agreements. These modifications might include child custody, property division, or visitation rights. Click here to find out more.

  1. Adoption Issues

Adopting a child or a pet is a beautiful life event accompanied by numerous legal paperwork that only requires a legal professional intervention to navigate smoothly.

A family lawyer can be of help in negotiating favorable deals between you and the birth parent while also representing you in all the court hearings.

Additionally, they maintain constant communication with child adoption agencies on our behalf as well as making sure you and the child are secured by the state and federal law.

To read more on adoption follow the link below.


  1. Guardianship

A guardian is best defined as someone who is in charge of making life decisions such as finances and care on your behalf or behalf of your family in case you get disabled by injury or accident, or in a worst case scenario if you die.

An example would be, if a person goes into a coma due to whatever reasons, he or she will need a guardian to make medical, financial and non-financial decisions on his/her behalf.

Choosing a guardian for a family can be a tiresome and confusing process due to lots of legal paperwork involved, and that’s precisely why you might need a family lawyer.

A family lawyer will help you in filling and submitting the necessary court documents while also attending all the court proceeding on your behalf.

  1. Protection from Abuse

If you are in a violent marriage or relationship, you need a layer to help you gain the protection you deserve.

They might help you in obtaining legal refraining orders from the court burring your abuser from contacting you thus giving you the guarantee of living without fear.


The second reason why people seek the services of lawyers is for business purposes.  As part of good business practice, having a business lawyer is crucial for the success of any business; they assist in almost every aspect of your business.

Entrepreneurship has its unique challenges; contracts are vital components when doing business. You will need a business attorney to help you in:

  • Signing contracts, leases or deals as well as their negation in case of a default
  • Developing a legitimate hiring system
  • Filling all the legal documents involved in Merger and Acquisition
  • Legal protection of business properties
  • Receiving and documenting finances obtained from external sources.
  • Deciding on the best business structure to use
  • Registering copyright protection on products and services that your business produces
  • Providing legal advice on business lawsuits


Another reason why people look for lawyers and attorneys is when they are facing criminal charges. Criminal charges range from illegal possession of firearms to illegal drugs, murder cases, homicide, and many others.

If a person is charged with any of the charges mentioned above, then probably they need a criminal lawyer to act in their defense in the court of law.


Divorce, child custody, adoption, and murder cases can be difficult and stressful for anyone to go through alone. The emotions and stress involved can give someone the feeling of defeat before even making a try.

Having someone represent you in such situations can be the only difference between a disastrous and successful outcome in legal battles.