There’s no question as to how convenient and helpful a moving company is. These professionals have years of experience in every single task required in a move, which is why they are the best persons to ask help from when you’re moving. Once you hire them, they’ll take off several responsibilities off your shoulders, making the move as stress-free as possible for you and for your family. With a moving company, you can even continue to accomplish your daily activities as they will take care of everything on your behalf. But since there are several movers for hire in your area, do you know which to hire? Do you know where and how to look for the best moving company? Answering these questions can become a struggle especially if you’re hiring one for the first time.

Having a lot of moving companies to choose from is a double-edged sword: you’ll have many options, but these options can be too overwhelming. When the latter happens, you’ll end up hiring a moving company who can’t meet your expectations or waste time and money in the process. Ask the following questions to the moving company you’re eyeing to hire so you’ll be one satisfied customer:

1. Are you a legitimate business?

Because of the demands of many homeowners, more and more moving companies are also popping out every day. And while most of these moving companies offer similar services, not all of them are actually operating legally. Some are just creating a façade to trick customers into stealing their money and then disappear afterward. Steer away from this direction by asking for the physical location of the moving company. Get their phone number so you can verify as well. This should be followed regardless of where you’re living right now – even if you’re looking for movers NYC.

If you have the time, visit your city and state government to verify the legality of a moving company and if they’re licensed to operate.

2. Can you provide references?

A reputable moving company will not shun away from providing you with references from their past customers. On the contrary, they will even be proud to show off the list of customers who were satisfied customers. Make sure to ask for this information and contact these customers. The feedback you’ll get from these customers will help you set your expectations on the moving company.

While you’re at it, check the online reviews of the moving company. Check their website (if they have one), blogs and forums. Since users are allowed to air out their concerns using any of these platforms, it’ll be easy for you to determine if the moving company you’re eyeing to hire fits the bill.

3. How do you charge for your moving services?

The price you’re going to pay to the moving company is an important deciding factor. Hiring an expensive moving company which can’t provide you with exemplary service will only do more harm than good – the amount of stress you’ll experience during the move will only heighten. To ensure that you hire a moving company which provides value to your money, ask about their charges and how do they compute for these. Have an in-depth understanding of their processes so you won’t be clueless why a certain amount was charged to you. Also, ask for their preferred paying methods. You don’t want to use an ATM when they only accept cash as a mode of payment, right?

4. What kind of services do you offer?

Gone are the days when a moving company is just hired to transport valuables from one place to the other. Today, there are moving companies which offer services for different kinds of moves, including storage and packing services, as well. If you want your upcoming move to be as stress-free as possible, hire moving companies which can be your one-stop shop for all your moving needs. This means that they can pack all of your valuables and transport them to your new home. If you’re planning to take this option, just be ready to shell out a bigger amount as their services might cost more.

5. Do you have any experience with a specific type of move?

Moving from one place to another will be different in so many ways. For starters, you can move within the same state or city to where you’re living right now or move abroad.

Additionally, you might be moving to a townhouse, apartment or condo. Once you’ve determined where and how you’re going to move, ask the moving company if they have experience in handling such a move. Do they know how to carry heavy furniture in steep walkways? How can they make their way in cramped spaces or stairs? You should always hire a moving company which is adapted to the specific type of move you’re having.

Slow And SteadyJust like any of your purchases, deciding which moving company to hire shouldn’t come overnight. You should scout for at least three moving companies, compare their services and prices, and determine which one satisfies your needs and demands. Let this article help you so you’ll hire a moving company who’ll make your move memorable for all the right reasons!