It is the mission of NYU’s Office of Residential Life and Housing Services to provide students with a diverse and safe living and learning environment. This encourages and nurtures individual growth.

Currently, around 12,000 graduate and undergraduate students live in the NYU housing composed of 23 residence halls in different areas around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Each residence hall is headed by a leadership team consisting of the following people:

  • Hall Director
  • Hall Resource Manager
  • Hall Assistant Director.

Apart from this team, a resident assistant is also assigned to assist and help in carrying out community-building efforts for students.

Are linens and other bedding provided by NYU residence halls?

No, beddings are not provided by these residence areas, so you have to bring your linens. If you find packing linens from home tasking, you can buy Twin XL sheets in any of these neighboring shopping malls.

  • KMart
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • TJ Maxx
  • Macy’s
  • Target
  • Bloomingdale’s

Can you do your laundry in the residence hall? 

Yes, you can. Each of the residence halls has its washers and dryers that the residents can use for laundry. You can ask your hall’s resource center for the locations of washing machines in each building. To use these machines, you need to load money into your NYU Campus Cash card.

Can you accept guests in your residence hall? 

All students residing at the NYU housing received a Residence Hall sticker for their NYU student ID. This sticker gives you access to all housing facilities offered by NYU. Each residence hall has its own rules and regulations regarding the acceptance of guests. You can check with your hall director or resident assistant what these guest policies are.

Are telephone, cable, and Internet services offered in the residence halls?

Wireless Internet is open and accessible to all residents. Wired Internet access is also provided for each room. If you want to register any digital media device or game consoles like Roku, Google TV, or Apple TV, ask your resident hall assistant.

A cable connection is also available for each room. NYU Cable gives students access to around 75 cable channels, including ESPN, HBO, and other community channels.

As for telephone services, the following rules apply:

  • Free unlimited calls to toll-free service and local numbers (917, 347, 646, 212, and 718)
  • Free unlimited long-distance calls (domestic calls only)
  • No charges for incoming calls
  • Free use of caller ID and call waiting services

If you need to make an international call, you need to buy an international calling card. You will have your telephone number, and this is given along with your room assignment.

How can you send and receive mail?

After checking in at your assigned residence hall, you can now receive packages and mails. When you give out your address, make sure to include the recipient’s full name, stress address, apartment or room number, and NY zip code.

Never include the Residence Hall name, New York University, or NYU in your address as these may slow down the delivery of your package. Mails are delivered from Monday to Saturday, except for national holidays. The Resource Center receives all packages and letters. After sorting, the Resource Center Manager will then inform you when and what time can you pick up your parcel.

If you want to know how NYU students spend their days on the campus, check out student uploaded videos at Campus Reel. These videos will give you a clearer idea of the life inside the school.