It is that time of week again, time for poetry poker. Remember the rules? You can find them here. If you have not read the poems from the last couple of weeks, you can find them here and here too.

A quick summary of the way it works is this: our authors get dealt 5 words from a Poetry Poker deck of cards. They have to use those five words to create a poem. The words can be changed in form, like swim to swimming, to fit the poem. However, they cannot be completely changed, like from night to knight. Here are this week’s five words:

Dangle, Advertise, Which, Slyly, Yesterday.

Here is our short poem for this week’s game:


Yesterday dangles over the precipice of the past,
Slyly reminds us of that which has come before.
Yesterday does advertise things that did not last.
It is already gone after just one day more
has disappeared. Fallen away into that abyss
known as time. It passes, with pleasant or sweet
memories. We have no solace but to with this
very moment to live in victory rather than defeat.

Yesterday. Those mistakes most public and grand
are now simply lessons to learn from and build
upon. For what can be do about things not in our hands?
Shall we dwell on what was before? The unfulfilled?
No. Instead today, this moment, is what we should embrace.
Kneeling instead of standing tall and rising above.
Showing kindness, compassion, and before all, grace.
Takin every opportunity to show others true love.

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Let us know what you think in the comments, and add you poem below, or even message us on social media. Interested in being our guest poet for a week? Let us know at [email protected]

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