Over the course of your life, you live, you grow, you learn, and you also celebrate. From your first birthday, to celebrate a newborn baby or marriage, these special occasions are what end up being unforgettable memories that you re-visit every now and then.

What makes these occasions special is also the fact that most of them occur just once. To make them as memorable as possible, you need to celebrate them in the best way you can. While drinks and food are fine, a beautiful cake for that special occasion will add glamour to the event.

But what special occasions should you celebrate with a cake?


There are only a few feelings that beat that of finding love. It’s a wonderful thing to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. But despite being together for a while, you still need to pop the million-dollar question.

A nice restaurant is good when it comes to asking her to be yours for life. But you can go one better with a cake. You can propose to the love of your life with a beautiful cake that has the question written on it with icing. If you don’t have any pastry expert in your circle, you can simply search for “cake delivery near me” to find the best options close to you.


This, without a doubt, goes without saying. Your friends and family will be coming around to celebrate you on your big day. Yes, there’ll be lots to eat and drink but nothing compares to the significance of a cake at your wedding.

The cutting of the cake is one of the very first activities that the couple does together. Feeding cake to each other is also one of the most significant activities of a wedding ceremony. It’s impossible to do this without a cake.


Being able to go through college and graduate is no mean feat. Asides going through a lot – projects, assignments and all – the ever-present distractions have to be eliminated to reach your goal. And when you get to wear that graduation gown, you deserve to not only throw a party for friends and family, your party deserves a cake.

Depending on your preferences, you can go for something big or something small. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that there’s a delicious piece of pastry to go along with your celebrations.

4.Celebrating your children

One way you can boost the confidence of your kids is to encourage them. There are certainly a number of ways to do that. But you can choose to celebrate them when they do well, finish off a task, or do well in school.

Nothing stops you from baking a nice cake for your son/daughter after a school session. You don’t necessarily have to be a good baker. Asking a simple question like “where can I get a cake delivery near me?” will give you so many options to choose from.

As mentioned earlier, most of these occasions occur once during your lifetime. Choose to celebrate it in style and to the fullest with a cake!