DISCLAIMER: This is a guest post. While marijuana is legal in some states surrounding Idaho, where Unbound Northwest is based, it is still illegal in our state. Marijuana also has proven health risks (and benefits) some of which are outlined in this article, and it can be potentially addictive. Before you use marijuana, be sure it is legal in your state, and if you are addicted or think you might be, stop using and seek professional help.

Have you ever used marijuana, and the quantity was too much – causing you to have serious side effects and massive hangovers? Here are some methods you can use to taper the uncomfortable feeling.

There are various strains of cannabis, and therefore the side effects also vary. Even though some are mild, others are more severe and uncomfortable, and the extent that you will react depends on several factors such as your weight and gender. However, when you have taken too much of the substance, it leaves you feeling uncomfortable for the whole duration that the side effects exist.

The good news is you can reduce the chances of going through these unpleasant side effects, or avoid them completely. If you are a frequent user of the substance, here are some tips for your next session to help reduce your hangover.

Plan ahead

If you are thinking of ingesting or smoking the substance, you can solve the problem by thinking ahead. In order to manage a dry mouth, munchies (the sensation of enhanced sensations and altered sense of time and space), red eyes, and other symptoms, there are certain optionsyou can explore.

These include knowing the strain you are taking. The strength of the strain depends on the levels of THC it contains, which is the active ingredient. Higher levels of THC means the side effects are greater and can affect you more negatively. Make sure you settle for a strain that you find comfortable, so avoid high THC strains. You can also decide to go for strains with higher levels of CBD that neutralizes the influence of THC.

Hydration is a big factor in determining how the strain will affect you, so make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water every day. The daily intake of water will reduce the chances of having dry mouth from consuming the drug.

It is important to monitor your dosage, and it is better to start off slowly to find your comfort levels. If you are searching for the high, you can start off with a small dose of cannabis that has THC dominance, and monitor your response to it. If it results in you feeling uncomfortable, then reduce your dose or change the strain you are using to a CBD dominant strain to calm you down. In the case of edibles, these are even more risky to handle, as you may not know the exact strain you are taking, so start off small with a 3 milligram dose and increase it slowly as you continue.

A tactic not many people will know, but is very helpful, is making sure to cool the eyes. It is inevitable you will get some irritation in your eyes, although this will reduce as you build tolerance to the drug. Occasional users will find it embarrassing, but heavy users will not worry so much about it.

You will find many over-the-counter drops can soothe the problem, but you need to note that regular use of these eye drops will complicate the problem over time. The reason for red eyes is increasing blood flow to the eyes as well as increasing blood pressure, so you do not want to make the problem worse by using chemical eye drops. In addition, caffeinated drinks only increase the ‘red eye syndrome’. Instead of these options, apply cold water splashes, ice packs, and cold tea bags to your eyes.

Make sure your munchies are worth it. Marijuana, especially the strains high in THC will tend to increase your appetite, and eating snacks in moderation is not a bad option. However, do not go for snacks that are empty in calories – choose those that have high amounts of protein, leafy greens and fruits, low simple sugars, and fatty foods.

Reduce your alcohol intake. It is an often occurrence that marijuana users will take the substance with other drugs such as alcohol, but this only increases the chances of having red eyes and dry mouth because you are likely to overdo it.

Larger worries


Many marijuana users will go through anxiety as a side effect, and this develops into paranoia and panic episodes. This is due to the influence of THC on the brain. First time users are particularly affected by this, as they can overdose (still do not know their limits).

In the case of edibles, you can consume more amounts than advisable, since the amounts of THC are not standardized, and some people can put in more potent strains or amounts. Since edibles are slow acting and delicious as well, people can consume more than needed.

This is a major problem, since THC leads to anxiety in low doses, and high doses lead to paranoia. Consuming strains with higher CBD levels is better, as they will neutralize the effects of THC.

Affects memory

The more you smoke weed, the higher your chances of damaging your short term memory permanently, according to a Swiss study that was mentioned in The Seattle Times publication. Of course, this is true for any drug, as they can all affect your memory capacity. However, an interesting aspect is that the longer a user uses cannabis, memory loss becomes less of a major issue.

Strains that have higher levels of CBD actually prove to enhance athletic performance and cognitive and creative memory. You can treat memory losses with medication like Ginseng, Cod Liver oil, as well as Gingko Biloba – but physical exercise is the best remedy for the problem.


Cannabis tends to induce drowsiness and lethargy in some users, therefore it is used in combating problematic sleep patterns and insomnia.

The choice of marijuana you use for the purpose will be dependent on how lethargic and lazy you feel after using the substance. It is therefore important to know your end goals after using it, schedule it when you are in your downtime and stick to the schedule, and set rules for yourself that do not interfere with the rest of your day.

Final thoughts

Cannabis is a drug you need to take with caution, just like any other drug. Choose the strain you are using well, and consume it in moderate amounts as you build it up. In addition, getting help from rehabilitation facilities is also important when you are trying to detox from the substance, and you can click here for more information.

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