Have you noticed pictures of men holding hands filling up your social media feeds? The Netherlands is to thank for the viral wave of solidarity for a gay couple attacked by a gang in Arnhem located on the east side of the country.  The gang of 6 individuals has been found, the Dutch police are handling the situation.

   [ctt template=”5″ link=”8gd5f” via=”yes” ]Support our LGBT community against hate crime. #allemannenhandinhand[/ctt]

In support for the victims of the hate crimes, Dutch politicians started walking into work holding hands. They are sending the message loud and clear that hate crimes will not be tolerated and that they stand with the LGBT community.

The trend is sweeping the world with men posting pictures holding hands as a statement to their cities and towns that they will not ignore the issue. Blanketing social media with hope, acceptance, and protesting in hope of change in attitude towards the LGBT community – ensuring safety for everyone regardless of lifestyle.

Want to show your support? Post your pics with the hashtag #allemannenhandinhand