I’m behind on the Tracie Tanner series by Allan Leverone. It is something I intend to correct. All Enemies (Tracie Tanner thrillers Book 2), the second book in the series with the CIA covert ops hero, and it delivers just as much excitement as the first.

Tracie Tanner is assigned an impossible task. She’s isolated, shunned, and eventually fired from her position with the CIA. A female version of Jack Reacher, she improvises, uses her talents and what is at hand to rescue a kidnapped official, the Secretary of State. Set during the Reagan administration, a time before smartphones and portable computing, Tanner relies on her wits and training, and when no one believes her when she discovers what is really going on, she pushes ahead anyway.

Leverone has a masterful command of language, pacing, plot, and characters we love and hate appropriately. The dialogue is genuine, and he suspends our disbelief from the start, making the story both believable and enjoyable. A solid read, I recommend the whole series and all of Leverone’s work.

Five stars, no question. Grab your copy of this one today.