The potential remedial uses of cannabis can cover a whole page. As such, more individuals are turning to the ancient herb to exploit the therapeutic benefits if offers. Experts suggest that hemp oil, a natural cannabis extract, can curb various conditions starting with insomnia, chronic pain, skin rejuvenation, inflammation, and Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), among others. However, when taking hemp oil for medical purposes, consider the counsel of a professional. Before going ahead to examine various grounds for incorporating hemp oil into your nighttime routine here is what you need to know first:

What to review

Due to the multitude of petty cannabis traders in the market, it is highly recommendable to be significantly vigilant while purchasing your marijuana products. Reputation, quality, and the products’ concentration are some mentionable aspects you can examine. Nonetheless, reading and understanding the laws that dictate cannabis use and purchase within your state is imperative. Below is a brief look at some of them:

1. The concentration of content

It is essential to check the label on the hemp oil casing, especially if you are a first-time user. In many regions where medical cannabis is legal, the law clearly states that it should contain less than 0.3% of THC. However, other areas within Canada, where recreational marijuana use is entirely legal, can have cannabis with higher THC concentrations.

2. Quality of the hemp oil

The quality of your hemp oil you use directly affects the level of results you get. High-quality hemp oil should work faster, be more productive, and deliver the results desired. On the other hand, low-grade hemp oil products might either worsen or cause different side effects. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain ultra-quality hemp oil products for nighttime use from reputable dealers near you. Alternatively, to reap similar effects one can also buy weed online Canada at affordable prices.

How to add hemp oil in your nighttime routine

There are various methods of using hemp oil. It all depends on your unique needs and the goals you tend to achieve. For instance, if you intend to rejuvenate your dry skin, the best possible way to use hemp oil would be through topical application. The other way to introduce this fantastic oil is through massages. You can also add a few drops to your face mask, which you can later apply on your skin. You can opt to blend a few drops of hemp oil with other oils to massage your scalp. This improves blood circulation and helps moisturize your scalp. Off-the-shelf products infused with hemp oil also offer a great alternative to get the ample benefits of the oil.

1. Helps repair and moisturize hair

hemp oil


As your hair continues to grow, its tip receives fewer nutrients and vitamins from the scalp. As such, they start changing their appearance, particularly color, and later cause severe hair damage if not tended to in time. When you retire to your bed, take a teaspoonful of hemp oil and slowly massage it on the hair strands. Cover the lower ends of your hair for enough moisture and oil. When you wake up, finish by shampooing your hair and use an oil-rich serum to focus on the split ends. To get the best results, make sure you procure hemp oil derived from quality autoflowering seeds.

2. Aids in the fight against effects caused by environmental damage

Numerous environmental factors cause varying damage to the skin. When your skin gets exposed to UV rays, the free radicals get damaged, which in turn increases the chances of aging signs. Hemp oil contains vitamin C, which primarily aids in the secretion of collagen in the body. Incorporating some hemp oil before bed rest at night can help reverse the process as it augments collagen production within your body. This will improve the skin’s elasticity and decrease the exposure of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Treating skin conditions

If you are suffering from eczema or any other related skin infection, hemp oil should be your go-to remedy. Individuals with sensitive skin suffer from skin flare-ups caused by changes in the weather, new cosmetic products that fail to match their skin type, and other environmental factors such as UV rays. In such cases, hemp oil offers the best option for relief. The oil contains natural calming properties that relieve the flare-ups and inflammations. According to studies, taking two tablespoons of hemp oil every day, particularly at night, helps in the treatment of several skin conditions, including eczema and dermatitis.

4. Strengthening nail cuticles and beds

Nail cuticle oils are a relatively new way that strengthens and keep your nails healthy. Chemicals should be at the bottom of your list and the last resolve since they discolor and weaken the nails. If you love getting pretty nail extensions, it is only logical to use a product that ensures safety. Amino acids are prolific in the hemp oil and are crucial agents in protein construction. Before taking a nap in the evening, apply some hemp oil onto your nails then massage softly. This assists in improving your nails’ strength and increases the moisture around them.

5. Mitigation of aging signs

Skin is fast to display inevitable signs of aging. Aging signs such as pigmentation, dark spots, blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles appear due to your skin’s lack of nutrients. Excessive pollution and extreme environmental factors such as UV rays seem only to speed up the process. However, essential amino acids and omega fatty acids found in hemp oil assist in the reduction of inflammation. Antioxidants present in hemp oil help the skin restore its texture and glow. Including hemp oil in your diet or even applying it at night before going to rest enhances this effect.

6. Retention of scalp moisture

The monumental burden that comes with a dry scalp is failing to retain moisture. Using massive amounts of conditioners and serums are inadequate to the task since they are unable to maintain prolonged skin interactions. This, in turn, leaves the scalp dehydrated and malnourished. As a natural humectant, hemp oil can gather moisture from surrounding areas and retain it on the scalp. It also penetrates the intricate skin layers, strengthening the cell matrices in the process. As such, hemp oil prevents skin dehydration and patches. It also mitigates the chances of flaking and dandruff.

7. Stabilizes oil levels in the skin

When skin pores clog, they can advertently disrupt the delivery of natural oils to the skin’s surface. This causes skin dryness and other related skin issues. At times skin pores behave peculiarly and overproduce oils making the skin oilier. The result is a condition termed as acne. When you are experiencing such situations, the presence of hemp oil comes in handy as it helps stabilize the oil levels in your skin. Subsequently, your skin becomes more hydrated and nourished. Hemp oil contains an acidic compound known as linoleic acid, which helps keep the skin healthy.

8. Hemp oil reduces acne

Hemp oil stands out mainly because of its non-comedogenic properties. The ground behind the development of acne results when pores clog with excessive sebum. This causes acne spots. Other things that might cause your pores to clog include dust, sweat, oil, and everyday skincare products. However, hemp oil does not clog the pores on your skin. Applying hemp oil on your skin before going to bed makes your skin smoother and more beautiful as it contains chemicals that produce vital lipids. Hemp oil also provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help fight acne.

9. It is an effective make-up remover

When you sleep with make-up on the damage to your skin can be severe. This happens when the pores clog, causing conditions such as acne. It is, therefore, essential to observe make-up removal before you sleep. You can find a variety of alcohol-based removers to cleanse your face. Nonetheless, alcohol can cause your skin to become dehydrated and may develop cracks. Hemp oil should be your next option as it dissolves oils and it can effectively cleanse your skin. Before going to bed, use a circular motion to apply the oil against the make-up. This will also attract dirt and dust and efficiently rid them of your skin.

10. Helps with dry skin

During winters, dry skin is a common problem that catches up with many people. When your skin is dry, their health and texture change. Dry skin also looks lifeless and dull. If this is left unattended, it can cause potential skin damage. In many cases, conventional lotions and creams are ineffective to the task and regularly require reapplication. Hemp oil contains nutrients that help rejuvenate cracked and dry skin. The oil also restores balance to the oil glands on the skin surface to ensure your skin is healthy.


Besides ensuring your skin is in perfect condition, hemp oil offers a myriad of other therapeutic benefits. From dealing with PMS to curbing insomnia, the list of the advantages it presents is endless. Getting ultra-quality hemp oil is an effortless task as there are many dealers and dispensaries designed for the job. All you have to do is reach out to a cannabis dispensary or retailer within your vicinity. Nonetheless, you need to be careful since there are sketchy dealers that are unable to offer what you seek. Consider inspecting aspects such as reputation and experience.