For cleaning the carpet there are different ways with the help of them you can easily clean your carpet but it is very difficult to choose the best methods those clean the carpet efficiently. If you want to know which methods are applicable then read the complete article, we have mentioned top four methods.

1. Use the Carpet Shampoo


Using carpet shampoo is awarded as the best methods for removing spots and stains from the carpet. In this way a special shampoo or solution put on the carpet and foam will generate. That form will start attracting with the spots, stains and other dirty part of the carpet after that we leave it till it becomes dry, one it fully dry it will automatically got separated from the surface of the carpet. Now turn on your vacuum cleaner and start collecting the dirt particles from the surface of the carpet. Using shampoo for the cleaning purpose is very general. People use it commonly for cleaning their carpet and one more thing is that you can make the solution or shampoo by yourself you don’t need any professional assist or spend money on getting this shampoo.

2. Use Dry Powder

In this method we are not using any water, shampoo, solution or stream that’s why it is called dry powder cleaning. There is a special type of power used in this method which is moist free and absorptive detergent solvent used in this cleaning purpose. The dry powder spread on the carpet with the help of the rotator machine. After spreading the powder on the carpet you should need to leave the powder on the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes. The particles of the powder completely attached with the dirty particles of the carpet and you can collect all these particles with the help of vacuum cleaner. This method is a method in this sense that you need to wet your carpet and stream your carpet for cleaning.

3. Use Hot Streaming

Hot streaming and Hot Water Extraction both are the same processes. This is the most popular and efficient method for cleaning the carpet. There is no actual stream use in this procedure. The water boils at a temperature of 150 to 200 Fahrenheit. The water on very high temperature spray on the carpet, because of very hot water the dirt particles start losing the surface of the carpet. Steaming is basically used for the permanent spots and stains, if you spray hot water on the carpet then it will force to permanent dirt particles to leave the carpet. Steaming is used for the deep cleaning of the carpet. You can visit Carpet Cleaner View for choosing best hot steaming cleaners. You can remove many stains like fungus, algae and pet things etc.

4. Foaming Your Carpet


Foaming on the carpet can be done with the help of shampoo or steaming. You can create the foam on the carpet by spreading the shampoo with the help of the rotating brush. After foaming leave it for some while when you see it completely dries then use vacuum for collecting the particles. You cannot collect the particles completely with the help of vacuum, you need to use the steam for collecting particles completely. Foaming is the very easy way for cleaning the carpet you can make the solution by yourself for foaming.

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