The space for living is decreasing day by day because the population is inflating rapidly. Consequently, it has become too hard to manage with presently available apartments. Especially when it comes to metropolitan cities, you have to compromise with space by allowing minimum space to bathroom and kitchen. As a resident of crowded city, you need to be smart enough to utilise available resources efficiently.

There are plenty of smartly designed accessories that you can get from nearby sanitary stores on from online portals. Minimalistic theme doesn’t mean that your bathroom will look inferior; it is about trying something different according to available space. Below are some points that will guide you to choose smart options for bathroom modifications.

Smart Ways to Manage With Less Bathroom Space

1)    Use Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are very compact as well as beautifully designed for minimalistic appearance. Without requiring any space for pushing and pulling, they can be easily operated by shifting left or right side. Not just for the main door of the bathroom but you can also use them to separate the wet and dry area from inside. The options of glass fiber and aluminum molding are available in the market for these kinds of doors. Moreover, they are eco-friendly because no wooden material is used in manufacturing.

2)    Optimum Utilisation of Corners

Never ignore the importance of corners in a bathroom because they can be utilized for several purposes. Corner shelves are available in numerous attractive designs and materials like acrylic, steel or aluminum. Also, corners are ideal for mounting cabinets. This is not all; you can place sliding shower screens in a corner to save rest of the place. Use a shower base to keep rest of the area dry.

3)    Light Colour Theme

Never use dark color tiles for walls or flooring in the bathroom because it makes you feel like trapped in a narrow space. Use different shades in white, cream or grey color that reflect more light than green, brown or blue. Tiles of this color create an illusion of broad space.

4)    Prefer Freestanding and Multifunctional Accessories

Make sure that the sanitary material you are buying can freely stand without requiring support that occupies more space. Always prefer freestanding bathtubs, wash basins with multifunctional features. The Middleton’s Bathroom Supply Store offers freestanding bathtubs mounted with taps and shower. The similar compact design is needed in wash basin that supports multiple taps as well as has enough space to hold things like soap, hand wash or facewash.

5)    Better Placement of Accessories

Combination of neutral color tiles with wide mirror can make you feel like in a spacious bathroom. Keep only those accessories that are necessarily required in a bathroom. Avoid placing any decorative material. If you want something unique, some bathroom wallpaper options are also available. Choose the accessories that can be elevated on the wall rather than placing on the ground.

Above are some smart tips to improve your bathroom appearance even in minimum space. While out from hometown, you have to compromise with many things. With some smart ideas, tight space can also be utilized for maximum use. Bathroom vanities are available in multiple options. When you visit a sanitary bathroom store, ask the seller to show only compact options with a neutral color theme. Keep one thing in mind that does not add any unnecessary item in your basket just because it looks beautiful. Think practically to save space as much as you can.