Shop vacs are an essential tool for use in any shop, but what most people do not know is that they work wonderfully inside the home too. The suction on a shop vac is tremendous. These vacuums have the ability to clean the floor in an entire room no matter what type of floor covering it has. They clean up liquid spills like a dream. This is perfect for anyone who has children or pets, both of which can spill liquid at any moment of the day. Nothing works better for cleaning up pet hair either. It does all of this work without getting bogged down and killing the motor.


Shop vacs come in many different sizes from a cute little 5 gallon size all the way up to a massive 16 gallon size. For a whole house cleaning a larger tank may be the best option as it will need to be emptied less often than a smaller one. Little shop vacs are great for quick clean ups or for use in a small area like a vehicle. No matter which size the vacuum may be the motor and suction power of the machine is strong.

Hoses for Your Shop Vac

Over time a shop vac hose may become clogged or damaged and will need to be replaced. It may take a while for it to happen, but eventually it will. It is the nature of the little power house since it is used to clean up liquid as well as several types of dry debris. It is easy to replace the hose as they simply just unscrew from the base, and the new one can be screwed right back on. When searching for a new hose make sure to have the model and type of the shop vac handy so it can be purchased in the right size.

Hose Length

Most shop vacs are sold with short hoses. This short hose is excellent for use in areas like stairs or even in a vehicle. For home use the hose for a shop vac should be a little longer. The longer hoses sold can reach a good 13 feet without tools attached to them.


Tools for a shop vac used around the home can be a blessing. Small, flat tools are fantastic for reaching down in the crevices of furniture or even under appliances. Extension wands are wonderful for getting dust in high to reach places and they also make the hose sturdier. The rectangular tool is essential for whole house vacuuming. A round brush tool is used to help rub and vacuum up dried dirt and even pet hair.


Shop vacs are no longer just for use in the garage or basement. These powerful vacuums have the ability to clean any room in a home, and with the right tool, they can also clean any type of flooring. They are a little louder than a regular vacuum but that just tells you how powerful it is.

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