As time passes, your once-beautiful home interiors can start to lose their charm.

One of the best ways to restore the long-lost glory of your dwelling place is by enlisting the help of an interior fit-out company. With the help of interior design professionals, you can revamp the current dull, boring state of your home into one that will leave you happily content.

Depending on your budget, you can talk to an interior designer and consider integrating these simple solutions that can help transform your home:


If you want your interiors to look different and vibrant, adding a fresh coat of paint in a new color is the easiest way to do it.

However, you need to make a careful decision in choosing a paint color as it can affect your current décor or determine what new pieces you will need to complement it.

For a unique touch, avoid using paint throughout your walls and try to create alternating sections between paint and wallpaper. This will give any room a more stylish look while helping you save money in the process.


Compared to a standard lighting system, having designer light fixturescan add sophistication to your home. Fortunately, there are ways you can get high-end looking light sources without spending too much. Start by going to second-hand stores or flea markets which are a treasure trove for unique pieces at budget-friendly prices.

Some pieces from a thrift shop may need a bit of buffing or a new paint job, but they can still end up looking fine and sparkly with a bit of retouching. Make sure you have different light sources such as floor lamps and table lamps to elevate the feeling of elegance and warmth throughout your home.


Plants always add an extraordinary touch inside a home. Placing unique planters in your interiors will bring life to any dull space. Moreover, you’ll get fresher air indoors with live plants taking care of carbon dioxide and other household pollutants.

Fill your planters with fresh flowers or greenery. You may also paint or decorate clay pots to add character.

The theme you have in mind for your home should be the basis for what plants and blooms can best complement it.

Art pieces

Let an artwork tell a story about a specific room.

Instead of having a plain, blank wall, hang art pieces that coincide with the theme of that area. Have at least three similar pieces in a room to create a pattern that fascinates or stimulates the eyes.

Crown molding

Details are the key to making your home look custom-made and high-end.

Crown molding can make a room look sophisticated and complete by bringing the walls and ceiling together. When you deprive a room of this finishing touch, it can look unfinished and overly simple.

Luckily, crown molding is inexpensive especially if you opt for the plastic, paintable options. You can choose from various widths, but for a greater impact, choose one with the widest trim that fits your budget.

To add a touch of glamour and interest all throughout your home, install different types of crown moldings in your home including:

  • Ceiling beams
  • Columns
  • High baseboards
  • Chair rails
  • Ceiling medallions

Floor decorations

Flooring left uncovered appears boring.

Cover sections of it with large area carpets and throw rugs that also function as design elements. Make sure your area rugs aren’t the same size as the floor as they can make the area seem suffocating. For the purpose of durability, interchange the faces of your rugs or carpet for even wear-off.

Window treatments

This is one of the more inexpensive ways to add elegance to your interiors as well as a sense of privacy.

When choosing a window treatment, avoid see-through materials and go for elegant ones such as linen, cotton, and natural silk. If you’re not into draperies, choose wooden blinds or woven bamboo shades.

The goal is to dress your windows to ensure that your home looks well-designed.

Cleaning and decluttering

No matter how you style or decorate your interiors, if you leave your space cluttered, your home will still appear unattractive.

Something as simple as organizing, dusting, and vacuuming can make your interiors feel classy and, of course, neat and clean. Cleaning your windows, too, will allow natural light to enter each room, making them seem bright and welcoming.

Regular cleaning helps in decluttering your home and allows for other design elements such as lighting, accessories, and flooring to stand out. But improving the look of your home is time-consuming enough, so look at booking a housekeeper to ensure that your home is kept tidy in spite of your busy schedule.

To give your home interiors a successful makeover, keep in mind what you wish to achieve at the end of your redecoration project.

Get the help of a professional interior designer to make the right decisions with regard to efficiently and beautifully styling your dwelling place.


Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors and Civils Division.