If you think of your website in the same way that you would a brick and mortar store, then it’s easy to see why it’s essential to maximize the number of visitors you have. Happily, this is precisely what you can learn how to do in the post below.

Do use SEO

First of all, if you want to increase the number of visitors that your website has you really need to get good at the art of search engine optimization (SEO). Basically, SEO is the process whereby you can push your business’s entry to the top of the results page that search engines return. Something particularly useful as nearly all click-throughs and conversion come from this page.

Of course, the task itself is anything other than basic, and in fact, can be a very complicated and challenging problem to deal with. The reason for this is two-fold with the first issue being that the standards search engines use to rank different web pages not being something that remains static. Of course, it doesn’t help either that there are always new strategies for pushing your business webpage up the ranking being developed too.

In fact, because SEO is such a complex set of skills to get right, many businesses find that it’s more cost and time efficient to find a professional company like SEOExplode to handle it for them. This being something that means the work they commission will always be at the cutting edge of the field and have the best possible chance of reaching the hallowed first page.

Don’t forget to that content is king.

Next, when it comes to maintaining a high level of website traffic, it’s essential to remember that content is king. What this means is that not only do you need excellent quality content that is well crafted and engaging, but you also need to be posting new stuff regularly as well.

Now, some people take to creating content like a duck to water and enjoy the opportunity to flex their writing, graphic design, and videography muscles. However, not everyone is gifted in this department, and it’s always worth remembering the is lots of help on this subject online, as well as content creation firms that you can rely on to make it for you. Whether you need an animated explanation video, a blog post or even an infographic.

Do utilize social media.

Social media is a fantastic tool for maintaining a high level of traffic to your site, which many people don’t realize because consumers are going to the social media platform first. However, social media is an integral part of the whole share culture, and that means when content you produce is shared there, it inevitably piques the interest of some potential customers who follow it back to its original source, your website.


In fact, sharing content on social media even has two other traffic boosting benefits. The first being that it world as a reliable backlink that will be picked up by the SEO bots. While the second is that even if no one clicks on your link, your brand name is still being put out there, which can help, albeit in a less effective way with your marketing efforts.

Don’t write off paid advertising.

OK, so It’s not organic SEO, but that doesn’t mean that SEM or paid search engine marketing can’t be useful when it comes to boosting your website’s traffic. In fact, it can help a great deal because things like PPC adverts will appear even before the first organic search engine entry, meaning that customers will see your business before anyone else’s.

There are other types of SEM to consider as well including displaying a banner on other sites. Although when doing this it is vital that you ensure the placement of the advert is handled by a reputable company that actually uses big data to ensure that the pages the banners are appearing on are those that the demographically appropriate. Otherwise, you may not get the result you expect, and you can end up spending a lot of your budget on these, for what essentially comes to nothing.

Of course, when it comes to advertising, there is another option as well and it to use sponsored product reviews on others blog, vlogs, or social media. A phenomenon that we see across all platforms, although perhaps Instagram is king of this at the current time.

It is wise to remember however that most reviewers will have a disclosure policy that indicates to their audience when they are being compensated for the work. What this means is that it’s best to not go completely over the top with the positivity and praise, as the valid of what they are saying may be questioned, and this may negatively affect the intended results.

Do use personalized landing pages.

Lastly, if your target is to increase the traffic that visits your business website, it is becoming increasingly wise to embrace development such as big data and marketing automation. The reason for this is because by combining the two you can actually start to target specific individuals on a micro basis rather than an entire demographic group.

This can help boost incoming traffic because it provides each visitor with a customer and relevant experience when they visit your site. This can be achieved because the information that we collect and access from big data means we can create algorithms that know exactly what customers have consumed in the past, and so can predict what they will be interested in the future as well. The process being further added too by the creation for personalized landing pages that are customized to the preferences and the offers that will most interest the person being targeted.

Of course, as we know that the more specific marketing gets, the more likely, it is likely to convert into the desired action, in this case clicking through to your website. Therefore anything we can do to improve the odds of this is beneficial. Something that perhaps make the use of big data and customized landing pages one of the most effective methods of increasing website traffic that we have to date.