I was given this book by a newer author, and I began to read it, thinking that this would be one of those entertaining but quick reads. IT IS NOT!

NeverSeen (Faeland Legends series Book 1) is an incredibly involved YA story filled with wonder and fantastic characters. I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!

Taylor is a teen author who just completely swept me off my feet. Her story line was relatable and left me wanting more. Thank goodness this is only book one and I have more to look forward to.

Emmaline is a fairy who has a hard time sleeping. She is plagued by nightmares that fill notebook after notebook. Her two sisters have telekinetic powers and she is labeled ‘odd’ by her classmates. Out of nowhere, strange things start to happen to her and she has to rely on her friends for help. Can she figure out her what her lot in life is while fighting the nightmare of her home being destroyed?

I loved the themes wrapped into this book. NeverSeen is all about trusting your friends and trusting yourself. Just imagine accidentally transporting all of them by accident? I also loved how Taylor was able to add her faith into this without making the book itself a ‘religious book’. Fantastic!


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Thank you, Taylor, for letting me review your marvelous book! Let me know when the next one is out!

~C.L. Wrublik.

Carson Laura Wrublik
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