There is a good reason why the living room earns its special name. While you might sleep every day in your bedroom and have a nice, refreshing shower in your bathroom, it is in this room that you actually live. The living room is the center of all the activity, relaxation and fun in any house. And to make it even more lively, it should have the right colors splashed on its walls.  For a while, most people thought that yellow or white would work for living rooms. But the times are changing and so, let’s explore the latest five trending colors in your living room.


If you wish to make the living room look stylish yet spacious, there is no better color than grey. Grey walls look elegant and they also do not look too bright or gaudy to the eye. It can be coupled with some wooden or cane furniture or even some brown carpets and mats. The result is that your living room looks comfortable and casual without being too overblown. Moreover, grey walls and panels allow you to experiment with flashes of colors. You can put up paintings or bright objects on the walls and the balanced contrast will be stunning.


Be it in your bedroom or in your living room, the color of blue has always a soothing, almost stimulating effect. Also, you can always try out the varied shades of blue for colors in your living room. The effect will be quite appealing on an aesthetic level. If you choose a darker shade of blue, you can always pair it with white or light brown furniture and decorations. Similarly, light blue goes great along with gay splashes of red or yellow and even with muted shades of brown. To make your living room sunny and languid, blue goes a long way.


One of the most exciting colors for your living room can be Kelly Green. This is an intense shade of pure green that derives its name from the fresh greenery of Ireland. Like that greenery, Kelly Green is almost serene and refreshing in its effect. It is somewhere between the green of grass and the green of sea water. With Kelly Green on the walls, you can make your living room feel as tranquil and invigorating for the eyes and the senses. And you can use any colors that you want along with it as well. So, try Kelly Green instead of the ordinary green.


Instead of bright yellow, why don’t you experiment with beige? This is a lighter shade of yellow that borders on pastel and looks infinitely more sophisticated than ever. Since even minimalism in colors and tones can make a living room lively, beige fits the bill. Furniture in colors of grey and brown can be blended with beige walls for a nice, warm and lived-in look that also looks quite tasteful. Beige lends your living room with an arty aesthetic that will make it the most unique place in your home. And that is reason alone for choosing it now.


This might be the trickiest choice of them all. However, black is actually quite a cool color for the living room. This is because black allows you to go wild with your colorful imagination. On one hand, you can splash as much color as you can against black walls for a funky and freaky look. On the other hand, you can blend it stylishly with shades of grey and blue for a more low-key but luxurious look that will appeal to those conscious about style. So, do try black as one of the colors for your living room.

All the above options are some of the most sensational colors to try for the living room as of now. As you can see, they can look great both on their own terms and with colors both stylish and bright in all their glory. Also, you can pick any of the options above and use it with the right things and decorations for the most stunning results. So, make your choice today and make your living room more fun and enjoyable to live in all throughout the day.