The Edison bulbs trend hasn’t slowed down with time. You will find the filaments of these sentimental light bulbs in LED and incandescent styles, illuminating backyards and dinner tables with their unique candlelight glow. Here are a few ways you can embrace Edison bulbs to decorate your home or business:

Edison Bulbs in the Kitchen

Kitchen lighting is often almost utilitarian in nature. Why not add little warmth to the task at hand? Consider exchanging the bulbs in your pendant light fixtures above the kitchen table for 60-Watt Edison bulbs. You can use different lengths of wire to hang your bulbs at different heights for a modern look straight out of the magazine. Try oversized antique bulbs for a more whimsical style. If you’re feeling more rustic, add wire cages to your antique bulb fixtures for a well-loved farmhouse look. The cages allow the filament design of your Edison bulbs to show.

Crafting Lamps with Edison Bulbs

Need a conversation starter, a piece of artwork, or maybe just a new hobby? Then create your own antique lamp! Handy guys and gals can design and build their own steampunk themed lamp using Edison bulbs.  Customize your lamp with an old vintage fan (non-working, of course) or wood scraps and metal pipe. For those of us who aren’t power-tool-inclined, you can grab a mason jar, something to fill it like glass pebbles or seashell, and a mason jar adapter lid. The lid is a pre-wired socket with a cord and plug. After you screw on the lid and screw in the bulb then you just need to plug in your new lamp. Add a shade or don’t; it’s still one less piece of artwork that you have to buy.

Vintage Event Décor

Whether it’s for a dinner party or a wedding reception, you can upgrade your outdoor or indoor event with the warm glow of Edison bulbs. Take your event to the next level by using various antique bulb shapesin your patio string lights. Drape your globes or S14 vintage filament bulbs from or around the nearest tree or post. They are available in both incandescent and LED; however, the LED version is harder to break. The cozy lighting will invite your guests to stay awhile.

Restaurant Decorative Lighting Trend

Edison bulbs aren’t only good for the home; you can switch up the lighting at dinner service in your restaurant. Lighting can set the mood, show off the food, and even help your team function better. The subtle illumination of Edison bulbs can enhance a romantic mood or draw guests’ attention to the meal. Some restaurants or cafes might use multiple pendant fixtures with antique bulbs throughout the dining area. Others might opt for accent lighting or use the bulbs only in select areas like near the registers, bathrooms, or the bar area.

Needless to say, whether you use antique bulbs to bring a little nostalgia to your kitchen or ambiance to your restaurant, Edison bulbs are a great way to enrich your décor and the possibilities are endless.