If you are languishing in your current job, bored by the tedious work that you can do with your hands tied behind your back and being forced to cope with an overbearing boss every day of the week, it might be time for a change. Change is scary. However, sometimes the scariest things we do end up being the most rewarding.

Firstly, you need to consider the new industry that you want to break into. It has to have a plentiful supply of jobs and look ripe for growth. The number one sector you should be trying to break into is IT. Ranging from cybersecurity all the way through to web development, there are a variety of positions and job profiles that could match your skill set. Read on to find out why you could be the next IT guru.

Web Development

If you have an eye for detail, you’re creative and you are a logical thinker, the world of web development could be for you. Working with companies globally by working remotely, you could be creating the websites of brands across the world. You’ll need to learn how to code and how to use web building applications. You’ll also need to show off your design flair and work out how to make websites unique rather than following generic drag and drop like formats. With docker for WordPress, you can design world class websites without setting up multiple server environments. You can work with a whole host of companies on their website design, emulating their branding and capturing the ethos of a business. Every day is different, the job is varied, and you can work freelance.


With the dawn of social media and a renewed interest in the Internet, there are more online threats than ever. Companies across the globe are placing great importance on the security of their assets and understand that a firewall just won’t cut it anymore. You can help design the programs that can aid in encrypting files. You can ensure backups occur regularly and you might even want to set up your own cybersecurity firm. Adware, malware, and ransomware can affect the smallest startup through to the largest conglomerate, so cybersecurity experts are always in demand.

SEO Specialist

As companies begin to realize the importance of having a large online presence, there is also an understanding that to get the very best search engine optimization, this functionality needs to be outsourced to experts. You could be that expert. By retraining as an SEO specialist, you will be helping companies be more visible online through search result listings. If a small startup is selling custom made tees and wants to be on the first page of Google, you need your knowledge of SEO, keywords and meta tags to make this possible. By networking and linking up with other IT freelancers, you can create a hub of knowledge that companies can’t wait to tap into.

A career in IT can be rewarding personally and financially. Retrain and start your career in IT today.

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