I often get questions about Unbound Media, and exactly what we do. Here’s the answer: we write. It’s what we do. We write content for ourselves, ghost write content for other companies or individuals, contribute guest posts to dozens of websites and blogs, and create everything from internal newsletters to white papers and case studies.

Who Are We?

Troy Lambert is the principle and CEO of Unbound Media, LLC. (That’s me) The company was birthed out of the incredibly creative company name Troy Lambert, LLC, which was formed in 2010. For a number of years, the company was simply a publishing and editing company for me, as I journeyed through writing fiction, authoring non-fiction and technical government reports, and blogging for a number of companies. I also worked as a freelance editor, and as a managing editor and eventually senior editor for Tirgearr Publishing.

A couple of years ago, things changed, and I took a brief hiatus from pursing freelance the way I had been. It was a rough time, and after going to work writing for a company in an actual office (not horrible, but not my dream by any stretch) I branched out again, and eventually got too busy for that day job.

Along the way things like social media management and post creation were added. From time to time, I would hire someone to help with editing, graphic design (Big shout out to EJR Digital Art), and even writing extra content, all on a freelance contract basis.

At this point there are about five other freelance writers that I use frequently, and I have access to several other designers, video creators, and other creatives. I offer full content strategy services, including post planning and social media management, from scheduling posts to writing and planning them for you or your company.

Why Do We Write?

At heart, most of us are storytellers. Really that is where our happy place is. So why do we write blog content, SEO posts, White Papers, Case Studies, and even Social Media Posts?

Simple. Our why is that we want to make the internet a better place by helping companies and individuals tell their stories and share them effectively. It’s really that simple and that complex at the same time.

How do we help you tell your story?

  • Effective web content: The first step is your website and blog. If you don’t have anything for us to share, we really can’t help you.
  • Regular blog posts and website updates: Google and other search engines won’t pay any attention to you if you don’t update your site regularly. No matter how well told your story is, if no one ever reads it, those words won’t make a difference to them or to you.
  • SEO and Keyword Optimization: Another way that search engines find your content is by knowing what it is relevant to. We help you make sure that happens.
  • Social Media Sharing: Every word you write on the internet matters, as we have seen from our current POTUS and others who have publicly shamed themselves on Twitter and other platforms. We help you make sure that content is right, and that it compels users to click through and visit your website.
  • Targeted Link Building: Once you have built your content, you need to get others to link to it and share it. We help you do that through deliberate link building.

It’s not a simple as writing a few statements or blog posts a month, and sharing once a week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s about consistently sharing your well written content to thoroughly build your brand.

We can help you tell your story through one of these methods or several of them. How do we do that? We write amazing, compelling content, and help you share it appropriately and at the right time.

How Do You Connect?

Is your company struggling with your website content, newsletters, or other writing? Do you simply not have the time to write? Maybe your team does not have the talent to create the kind of content your business needs.

Or maybe you just don’t know where to start or what to say. We at Unbound Media can help you with that. Getting started is simple: email [email protected] and set up a consultation or simply tell us what your needs are.

We’ll get back to you with a time for a consultation or send you a quote and we can go from there.

Every business, no matter how large or small, has a story to tell. By doing so effectively you can increase your impact on the world. Content marketing and a strong web and social media presence is just one way to do that, but it means you have to write, or someone has to write for you.

That’s where Unbound Media comes in. We help you share your story with the world. It’s really that simple. As a result, the internet will be a better place, filled with relevant information and powerful solutions to real world problems.

Questions? Get in touch today. Email [email protected] for more information.