Living a clean and hygienic lifestyle is one that is hard to maintain. Studies have proved that having things clutter around the house is prone to affect your mental and physical health. Stress, anxiety or even depression could be caused due to a cluttered household. Clutter affects your sleep and eating habits, most people who live in a disorganized environment often lack focus and have poor eating and sleeping habits. This includes your bathroom.

Vice versa, living in a household that is clean has proven to invoke other healthy habits. It has been proved that clearing away clutter at work and at home improves the focus and productivity of a person. When your habitat is clean you are bound to sleep well and a good night’s sleep ripple towards better habits.

The bathroom is one of the most important places in your home but it is the most difficult to keep clean. Here are a few ways to keep your bathroom clean:

Liquid Hand Wash

Using a liquid hand wash instead of a bar of soap goes a long way. When using a bar of soap to wash your hands, you often come in contact with germs that already exist on the bar of soap. It is also unhygienic for more than one individual to use a soap bar. Apart from the germs, a bar of soap tends to remain moist throughout the day and attracts many pests.

Water repellent wall coating

Applying a coating of water repellent around the walls and doors of the toilet can go a long way. Water and soap will run off the walls and down the drain naturally as you shower and you would not need to spend your time scrubbing.

Controlling moisture

Be sure to wipe away any moisture that lingers after a shower. Keeping a squeeze at a reachable length motivates you to wipe the mirrors and the curtains of the moisture. Turning on the exhaust or leaving the door open also helps the moisture dissipate faster.

Keep the Bathroom Organized

Keeping your cabinets and your toiletries in order makes your bathroom look and feel cleaner. If you dedicate specific spots to specific toiletries your mind will make it a habit to return those toiletries to that particular spot. When you are in a hurry, you would not need to spend time looking for your things if you make it a habit to leave them in particular spots.

Wet Wipes

Try to keep a pack of wet wipes in the toilet. Toothpaste stains, as they age tend to become rigid and make permanent dark spots in places, they have taken refuge in. As soon as toothpaste spatters on your sink use wet wipes to dispose of them before they leave any hard marks.

Towel Bars

Having towels hang instead of being folded inside a cabinet keeps them dry and keep the smell of moisture away.

Keeping your bathroom clean should come as second nature. A dirty toilet can lead to many problems. Strep throat, stomach sickness, and many other infections are caused by an ill-maintained bathroom.

If you have leaky taps or stagnant water around, they are prone to create Molds which is a deadly fungus that grows underneath leaky sinks, toilets or around the shower. Mold is transferred through the air and they cause many respiratory problems so any leaks must be tended to with haste.

A dirty toilet also attracts many pests and insects. In order to aid your battle against these pests, we recommend usingScoria Pest Control by MDX Concepts. This is a product that uses natural ingredients and it is helpful in preventing all kinds of pests. Where there is stagnant water there will always be a scourge of mosquitoes. To know more about mosquitoes read this.

Taking the time to clean the bathroom is often neglected and unprioritized because people are under the assumption that bathrooms can keep themselves clean as we wash. But that is not the case. Follow the tips from the above article to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain a hygienic bathroom. Keeping yourself and your surroundings will help you feel better both mentally and physically and when you’re at your best you are able to perform better.