Bluetooth is a type of wireless communication technology that works over short distances. Bluetooth transmits signals over a rarely-used band in the electromagnetic spectrum, helping to reduce noise and interference, allowing devices to talk to each other.

Bluetooth gets a lot of coverage in the consumer electronics market, but it is any good for the business world? The answer turns out to be “yes.” Although there are some limitations to the technology which we’ll cover briefly below, it brings a host of advantages.

Makes Payment Easier

The easier you can collect payment from your customers, the better. Bluetooth is helping to make POS easier by automatically transferring information from card payment terminals and the exchanges which communicate with banks  -no need to upload data onto a computer at the end of the day. Click here for more information.

Bluetooth is also making contactless payment truly contactless. Just being in the vicinity of a Bluetooth-enabled POS machine is now sufficient to make a payment.

Automate Communication

Field engineers and other workers who require the use of both of their hands – such as truck drivers – can be made more productive through the use of Bluetooth. They can simply reach up to their ear, click a button and take a phone call on a Bluetooth receiver, allowing them to communicate with head office while continuing to perform a task.

Easily Scalable

Not all communication systems are easily scalable, but Bluetooth is. Each Bluetooth device has a unique signature which distinguishes it from all others in the vicinity. This means that you can scale Bluetooth across the office and not run into any compatibility issues.

Bluetooth Is Universal

The great thing about the Bluetooth standard is that it is universal. It’ll work anywhere with any compatible device, meaning that you’re not limited to business applications. Bluetooth is now so entrenched in the electronics ecosystem that the majority of desktops now come with Bluetooth emitters and receivers, meaning that you can integrate Bluetooth accessories with your existing hardware.

Easy To Set Up


Most enterprise technology solutions require extensive planning and setup costs, but not Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a genuine plug-and-play solution that will work in practically any context. There’s no need to do anything other than go through the step-by-step process offered by the connection wizard on most devices.

No Hardware Costs

Most modern devices come with Bluetooth already installed, so businesses don’t face any additional hardware costs. There’s no need for expensive routers or server exchanges: everything you need is already contained in the hardware itself.

What’s more, if a device does not have Bluetooth, you can easily give it the technology: just plug a dongle into a USB port on your PC, and it’ll automatically start emitting a signal that can be picked up by nearby devices.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The only major drawback of Bluetooth is security. Unless you have good defenses in place, relying on Bluetooth can open your business up to threats from hackers. However, Bluetooth is not a broadcast signal like Wifi, so the opportunities for hacking are less.