Given that the kitchen generally sees more activity than any other room in the home, it’s probably not surprising that household accidents are more likely to stem from your kitchen than anywhere else. Between the presence of open flames during cooking, the extreme heat generated by cooking equipment, the use of sharp implements and the potential for children and pets to run around while blissfully unaware of these dangers, it’s easy to see why extra vigilance is needed when occupying your kitchen.

This infographic from Pennywell (http://www.pennywell.ie/) explores the most likely dangers within the kitchen and what you should do to minimize the possibility of harmful or fatal situations occurring. Burns from open flames or hot cookware, cuts from sharp objects, shocks from misusing electrical equipment and slippages on wet floors are usually easy to avoid, but the consequences can be tragic.

One crucial mantra to adopt when working in the kitchen is to pay attention to everything that you’re using, as a lot of kitchen accidents arise from neglect. When using a sharp knife or working with a cooker, it defies comprehension how people can be so careless until an injury occurs. Everything that’s done in the kitchen should be done with safety at the forefront of your mind.

Check out the infographic below for important advice on how you can maximize kitchen safety, both for yourself and for the benefit of others in the home.