When your business is ready to expand, the chances are that you will need new blood to take on the wider variety of services that you begin to offer or to help with the enhanced range of your product line. Creating the perfect team to help your business go from strength to strength is no easy feat. You need a workforce that works well together, is highly productive and won’t mind working for a startup that can’t offer the same wage as a more established industry leader. Being a startup needn’t be a hindrance to recruiting the best staff. It can actually be a positive. Take a look at how you can create the perfect staff team.

Small Is Better

Some young job seekers no longer yearn for the thrill of working for a blue-chip corporation. They’d rather work for a newer startup full of ideas and enthusiasm. They want the chance to be treated with respect and have the boss know them by name, rather than be nothing more than a payroll number. Sure, you cannot offer the big bucks in terms of salary, but you can offer the chance to be part of a growing team, to have a real impact on business success, and to have first dibs on promotion prospects. Working for a smaller company is ideal to learn the ropes of an industry and to be able to get stuck in across a range of functions. Shout about this when you come to construct your job advert so you attract the candidates most likely to fit into your team.


It’s vital that you don’t find yourself seduced by the Ivy League colleges or years of experience on a resume. They may be book smart individuals but anyone can learn how to IT troubleshoot or be an accountant. You need people with personality, who can bounce ideas off one another, and who can think in a dynamic way outside of the box. Having a cohesive team means you have the machine to drive your business forward. Having a room full of exceptional individuals doesn’t always equate to the highest levels of productivity and sound teamwork. Think more about your company ethos and who would fit this persona well when recruiting.

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What Can You Offer

As well as considering what the candidates can offer your startup, you need to show off what you can offer them. Make sure your workplace is dynamic and inspiring. Show that you communicate with your team, that you’re friendly and tolerant. Make sure safety and care of your employees is high on your agenda. At the very least you should be heading to this website to explore your fire regulation adherence, and you should have clear risk assessments completed. Be a boss that’s on the shop floor, that knows their staff by name and that can have a human conversation. This human interaction can set you apart from the larger multinational firms vying for your candidates’ attention.

Being an entrepreneur is exciting, and a lot simpler when you are going solo. When you need to hire staff, you must remain focused and stay true to your business vision. By creating a team that buys into this vision, you will be maximizing your startup’s chances of long term success as you expand.