The whole world has moved online at this point, and no wonder, either. The web is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool, and offers an endless buffet of information, novelty, and choice – and never more than a couple of mouse clicks away.

It is therefore natural that marketing, too, has largely become an online phenomenon these days, with viral videos, slick landing pages, and LinkedIn messages being the order of the day.

And yet, for all that, in-person marketing is still alive and kicking – and still has a lot to offer. Maybe a lot more than you might believe.

Here are just a few of the reasons why in-person marketing isn’t dead, and why you might want to consider doing a bit of it for your own business.

Because in the age of ubiquitous Internet connectivity, in-person marketing stands out more than it once did

The number one aim of a marketing campaign is to be memorable. Of course, it would be good if the campaign in and of itself also convinced lots of people to go out immediately and sign up for your service or buy your product. But, the real ticket is that you create an impression.

As Internet marketing is now ubiquitous, in-person marketing stands out more than it once did, purely by virtue of its relative novelty. This is especially true in certain industries, particularly those which are tech and web-focused.

Attending a trade fair, or similar event, with an attractive set up courtesy of a company like Infinity Exhibits, has the potential to stand out and make an impression on prospective customers and clients in a way that another banner ad on another website might not.

Because people naturally appreciate the human connection

Although more and more of our communication these days is mediated through digital devices of various sorts, people still naturally crave and appreciate the human connection, and are inclined to look more favorably on businesses that seem like they “have a face.”

By marketing in-person, you get to interact with people in a personal and direct manner, ask them questions, get a sense of what it is they are looking for, and even just make idle conversation.

All of this is much more likely to leave people feeling positively inclined towards you than they would if your business felt too “distant.”

Because when you’re marketing in-person, you can learn a lot in a day

People are often willing to pay a lot for analytics and insights, and A testing and market research are fundamental practices that will remain eternally relevant.

When you’re marketing in-person, you can learn a lot just from the short interactions you have with people throughout a given day.

The questions people ask you will often speak volumes about what it is they’re after, and what it is they find confusing or uncertain about your product or your service. And, if you want to get a more refined sense of exactly what it is they might find appealing, or unappealing, you could always just ask them.

In this way, marketing in-person can help you to sell, perform research, and have a few good conversations, all at the same time.

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