If you run a business, then the chances are that you’re rushed off your feet. But being busy is different from being productive. Headless chickens are “busy,” but they’re not creating new products or innovating; they’re just running around mindlessly.

It’s sad, but a lot of entrepreneurs waste time that they could be using to build a better business, find talented people for their organizations, and meeting customer demand. Take a look at some of these ways that entrepreneurs waste time.

Working On Pet Projects, Not The Things That Count

Think back to when you were at college revising for exams. Did you review the material you struggled with most? Or did you go back over the stuff you understand and ignore the rest? If you’re like a lot of people, you did the latter, making things tough when it came to the actual exam.

Entrepreneurs tend to do the same in business. Rather than focusing on real priorities, they get sidetracked by pet projects: things that are important to them, but not their customers. Running a business can be fun, so long as you’ve nailed your priorities first.

Spending Time Fiddling With IT Problems

Computing can be a nightmare for small businesses and startups. Entrepreneurs often want to retain control and believe that the only way to do so is to bring everything in-house.

Of course, what sounds like a sensible plan can quickly degrade into something far less manageable. Computers never seem to work as intended, and companies that try to do everything themselves usually run into serious problems, such as downtime.

The way around this is to get computer support. IT support is where a third-party company that knows what it’s doing takes over aspects of your network, allowing you to focus on everything else. No more late nights trying to figure out why the WiFi won’t work, and no more getting bogged down with server issues.

Going Through Pointless Rituals

We all like having our morning routine. But some entrepreneurs can end up wasting time with ridiculous rituals that add nothing to company productivity.

CEOs often like to do things like read the morning paper or chat with colleagues at the coffee machine, but all this does is waste time. Unless you’re specifically talking about products and services, then it’s unlikely that your rituals are adding to company value. Ditch them and save time at the tail end of the day.

Being A Slave To Notifications


Notifications aren’t helpful reminders anymore, but a smart marketing tool that app developers use to grab your attention and get you in front of their ads. It’s a kind of Pavlovian response: you hear the ding of a notification, and you immediately want to check it out.

If you’re the kind of person who is easily distracted by these interruptions, then they undoubtedly waste your time. The only way to stop it is to mute notifications on your phone or go into Windows Settings and turn off notifications on your desktop from there.