You’re going to be excited about the launch of your new business. But that doesn’t make much difference one way or another. What does matter is whether other people are excited. There’s no shortage of new businesses, and if one’s going to stand out, then the company has to do something that sets them apart from the rest. The responsibility for this is on you, no-one else! So what can do you to create a splash and hint of buzz around your launch? We take a look at a few methods below.

Build the Hype

No-one’s going to be excited when you finally launch if they had no idea that you were on your way. In the months, weeks, and days leading up to your launch, look at building the hype. If you’ve got a real-life business, then this can be done by hanging a banner with your opening date and core branding. If you’re online, then you’ll want to start building your social media profiles even before you begin trading. You can also create excitement by having a countdown timer on your website.

Hold an Event

What better way to get people on board than by hosting a party? You’re not aiming to merely inform people about your business, but to positively get them excited. So that means you need to do something exciting! A launch event that includes free drinks, fun features, and information about your business will function to make people take notice of your company. And it does more than just get their attention: you’ll have a solid platform from which you can educate them about your business. Somewhere like Brick House Blue’s Corporate Event Spaces will be perfect for introducing your company to the world in style. You’ll have fun, they’ll have fun, and they’ll also remember your company, too.

Hit the Streets with Swag

Take a look at the streets on any given day and you’ll just see people passing through, head down, merely trying to get to point B. Now imagine if you help a pop-up company stall on the streets. You’d brighten up their day, and get your name out there. It’s a win-win situation! The type of street event you hold will depend on the type of business you have. The most successful ones are anything related to food and drink (people love delicious freebies!) but anything that involves free swag are appreciated.

Take a Stand on Social Issues

There are plenty of businesses out there who only seem interested in one thing: making money. Why not show the world that you’re doing things a different way by making a stand? If the primary motivation for your business is a social cause, then people will pay attention. Indeed, studies have shown that people are much more likely to give a company their money if they show that they have a social conscience running through their veins.

Whatever you do to launch your company, do it with style and enthusiasm!

Contributing Author