Some things around the house we know need cleaning but other areas are a little less clear. This infographic from HappyCleanslooks at how often different items around the house need to be cleaned so you know how often you need to attend to them. Most of us will do the basics around the house such as vacuuming and washing the dishes as these are things that need to be done but what about everything else? Let’s work through the different things so you know!

One very important area is the fan vents and these aren’t cleaned nearly enough. If they’re not cleaned on at least a monthly basis dust, pollen and other allergens can clog the vents.  All you need to do is remove the cover and soak in warm and soapy water before replacing.

The toilet bowl isn’t a nice area to discuss but unfortunately it needs to be done on a weekly basis to keep it fresh. All you need to do is use ½ cup white vinegar or ¼ cup chlorine bleach before brushing the entire interior. The fireplace is another very important area to attend to every so often. Even cleaning this once a year will ensure that leftover ash isn’t spread around the room. Find out more in the infographic.

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