As your startup broaches new horizons, you may need to expand your workforce. You may choose to supply more services, expand your product range or develop more capability to complete more orders. If you choose to go global and expand your international reach, there is every chance that you could be hiring staff in new territories. While all of this sounds scary, you don’t have to worry about hiring the wrong people. By following this simple guide, you can be sure of hiring the right candidates that fit into your already well established and productive staff team.


Consider what it is that makes your employees better than the rest. Your staff team is molded to fit your business. They come with skills and talents that morph well into your company, leading to a mutually beneficial relationship. You pay their wages, deliver relevant training and provide promotion opportunities in return for their hard work and dynamism. It’s vital that every candidate that you hire can fit into this ethos. Don’t be seduced by the exceptional degree qualifications and decades worth of experience on resumes. This individual may look like an ideal candidate, but they might not work well in a team, and they may not think outside of the box or be solution focused.

Try and invite a candidate into your place of work before a formal interview. Show them around, see how they interact with your team, and try to gauge their personality. Do they have a sense of humor? It is this that will help you decide if they are a good fit for your startup.


Background checks are vital if you are to hire the optimum people to work for you. You could look to USAMDT of Atlanta and conduct their pre-interview drug screening and complete criminal records checks on candidates should your industry sector warrant this. Being confident of a candidate’s integrity prior to interview can save a lot of hassle if you come to then offer them the position. Make sure that they have relevant work permits, visas, and documentation if they are not a resident of your country. There’s nothing wrong with hiring staff from overseas, but you must make sure that they can legally work for you.

Show Them What’s On Offer

Being a smaller firm may put you at a disadvantage in some people’s eyes. However, having that family-style ethos and knowing every staff member by name rather than a payroll number can be a massive plus point. Working for a smaller firm means greater responsibility, a greater impact day to day and much more job satisfaction. Show that you invest in your staff by delivering continuing professional development, and you could attract the best candidates. If all of this sounds like too much hard work, you can always outsource and employ a recruitment firm to conduct your headhunting for you.

Forget hiring the brightest minds, and instead hire the most engaging, and team oriented people for the benefit of your business.