Nature’s garden is filled with remedies for almost any problem we may have. We just have to see them, as they are out there, used for so many centuries by our ancestors. Safflower oil is one of the natural remedies that can help us in many ways.

This oil is extracted from the seeds of the safflower, a plant cultivated by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks for its benefits. Although few people know this, safflower oil is a great alternative to other, less healthy vegetal oils. Here are more benefits of safflower oil.

A Heart Protector

While no one will guarantee that safflower oil will keep you safe from heartbreak, it will be more efficient at protecting your heart against diseases and other cardiac risks. This is due to the fact that this particular oil has generous quantities of Omega 6, a healthy fatty acid that is great for your circulatory system. Omega 6, also known as linoleic acid, helps keep cholesterol under control, preventing atherosclerosis to occur and protects your heart against strokes and heart attacks.

Keeps Diabetes at Bay

The same omega 6 will act in lowering blood sugar levels. This helps in keeping diabetes away from your organism and even help people that already suffer from this condition to better control blood sugar levels. So, if you have diabetes or you are prone to developing it, especially if you have a family member suffering from this illness, then you should take safflower oil into consideration.

Aids in Weight Loss

It may be hard to believe that an oil can help when trying to lose weight, but this is possible if you are consuming the right kind of oil. Plus healthy fats are needed in every diet, including diets that will help you get rid of extra pounds. The safflower oil burn calories, instead of depositing them in the form of fat deposits. Considering that oil is used in many recipes, even in healthy ones, replacing regular cooking oil with safflower oil will mean better results obtained in a shorter period.

Treatment for Hair and Skin

Due to the fact that safflower oil has a high level of oleic and linoleic acid, it can improve the aspect and condition of your hair and skin. The oleic acid is great for your hair and scalp, helping your hair grow stronger and more beautiful by improving the function of hair follicles and the circulation of blood throughout the scalp. Whether you consume it or apply to your hair, safflower oil will do its job. The same oil makes your skin look younger and healthier, by promoting skin cell renewal. It also helps unclog pores, which diminishes the presence of blackheads and can reduce acne.

Helps with PMS symptoms

PMS symptoms bother a lot of women during their period. Safflower oil, due to its linoleic acid, helps reduce unpleasant symptoms like uneasiness and pain, and has the ability to regulate menstruation. All of these without any unwanted side-effects.

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