With fishing season fast approaching and this year’s swollen streams, it is time to think about getting that fly rod ready. Today, Ronald Smith offers us a guest post with 7 simple tips.

In angling, change is in some cases is not apparent from the word go, and at times it’s usually a case of waiting and seeing. New rigging and strategies, new thoughts and methodologies supplant existing ones, and in the general hurry to the forefront, more established procedures get pushed aside, the extremely valuable alongside the useless. There are however certain techniques passed down from generation to generation which can get you the best result and are worth reviving at the very best.

Use the Hand

Well yes, the machine tied knots are there for convenience, however, there are certain advantages for hand tied knots that are apparent for anybody who has used one. For starters, a handmade knot is easily modified and you can set it according to your own specs. Customization is the biggest advantage over here.

Spider Skate

Angling dry flies on a dead float is a great move, however, skating has a certain history, attached to it as well. Generally, hesitant trout will regularly squash skittering dries in enormous, implosive strikes. The more seasoned flies intended for this system—called bugs and variations—are tied on short-shank snares with long, oversize passion that make the flies ricochet and skim on the water. In order to properly utilize the fly, make sure it is properly lubed.

Dry Dap

One of the most established and least difficult traps in the book, dapping is currently expelled as a procedure for kids and dolts. In any case, this approach is in a perfect world is suited to circumstances where there is no throwing room. This involves just dipping the tip of the rod inside the water and usually mimics the behavior of an egg laying fly.

Lose the Bobber

Today’s fisherman relies heavily on yarn and foam strike and it usually turns out to be counterproductive:

I was recently at Bethy Creek and went down to Lake Livingston and that’s where I noticed most Fishermen doing the same thing. You need to allow the Nymph to drift naturally and do its thing, that’s when you will start to see that the fish will indeed bite.

Hide Fur Flies

This is usually chopped or plucked rodent hair. There are a number of different options to choose from and they usually provide a nice subtle texture when you put the fly in the water.

Mind Your Streamside Manners

New fly fishermen are conceived each day. New trout streams are most certainly not. That implies more swarmed waters. However, it doesn’t imply that antiquated stream decorum must go the method for oiled-silk fly lines and gut pioneers. In actuality—great conduct is more critical than any other time in recent memory. Give the other guy some space and he will do the same for you. In the event that you think you might swarm your kindred angler, you presumably are. At any rate, graciously ask whether he minds sharing a spot. Never poach another angler’s spot always be, polite courteous and forthcoming. While at Bethy Creek I inadvertently poached another angler’s spot before I realized that I had made a great mistake for which I later apologized.

Utilize Your Feet

Today’s fishermen throw longer lines and fish at more prominent reaches; much of the time basically on the grounds that present day handle makes it effectively achievable. In any case, unless the circumstance calls for it, achieving a long distance is really one of the most noticeably bad methods for getting trout. Awesome fishermen of the past, for example, Ray Bergman, comprehended that being a decent angler and being a solid caster aren’t a similar thing and neither should you be confusing the two. It’s like sports you have got to use your feet to create a better angle and distance. You need to be there with your legs wide apart in a perfect stance to cast that all-important die and throw a lure as far as you can with accuracy and precision. Fishing is all about tactical acumen and technique. It’s usually a contest between the hunter and the hunted and you need to have impeccable technique if you are supposed to come out on top. More often than not most fishermen have extremely shoddy basics and this is what usually gets them into a whole lotta trouble, hence when the time comes to finally throw that lure they do it in their own imperfect manner, and usually, they end up with catching a small fry.

Remember these tips the next time you decide to put on your boots and head out to fish. I gotta say you got to head to Bethy Creek and Lake Livingston if you want to catch trout during the summers. The fish there are really biting this time of the year.