All jobs don’t need to be bad jobs. There are corporations and businesses that people really love working for. These types of corporations have bosses who take the initiative to improve their corporation’s culture. These organizations have positive work cultures reap the benefits of happy employees, increased productivity and better business. In a workplace that encourages innovation, freedom of thought, and wellness of the body and mind, employee morale and performance will thrive.

Cleaning Up the Corporate World

Hearing the horror stories of workers that hate their jobs can provide a lot of insight for supervisors everywhere. Providing a safe and positive space to work is imperative for a successful business. Bosses that are looking to invigorate their work culture can do so fairly simply with the following tips:

Start with Transparency

Transparency in the workplace sets the tone for a positive environment. Transparency allows for openness throughout the workplace. Employees and bosses will benefit from this standard of transparency. When companies are transparent with employees, there is a sense of trust established. Employees get insight into the inner workings of the company as well as an opportunity to voice their opinions. This helps workers feel like they are a competent part of the organization they work for. A great way to introduce a transparent work culture in your workplace is with the implementation of modern tools of communication. This can take the form of chatting programs and apps like Slack, Yammer, Google hangouts, Skype and more.

Additionally, when considering transparency, employees and bosses should take it as a way of thinking. This means that a transparent mindset should force employees and employers to rethink the way situations are handled. When it comes to determining what to share and what to conceal, bosses and workers should think about what is best for the company—like sharing successes and sharing challenges. This allows the organization to come together as a team in celebration and collaboration. Secretive company leaders tend to lose trust with their employees and the business will suffer as a result.

Focus on Recognition and Rewards

Companies that focus on recognition in the workplace have seen a dramatic decrease in turnover rates. When employees go unrecognized, they feel undervalued. These feelings can incite anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. These conditions can lead to decreased productivity, days off or even disability leave for workers.

The best way to make recognition habitual in the workplace is to specify certain results and behaviors that are in line with your company’s values and goals

In addition to recognition from supervisors, establishing a culture of peer-to-peer recognition is almost as important. This will automatically strengthen relationships between coworkers while boosting morale and ensuring every employee gets the recognition that they deserve.

Embrace Autonomy Amongst Employees

Micromanaging is a surefire way to cultivate a negative work environment. Having the supervisor watch and check everything makes employees feel disrespected. The best way to circumvent this is to promote a sense of autonomy within the workplace. Giving employees enough space to handle their own responsibilities will inspire them to work harder, all while instilling in them a sense of purpose

Autonomy can come about when employees are offered opportunities to make decisions, form work teams, and take control over their hours. This will allow employees to embrace accountability when it comes to their work, rather than being held accountable by a boss or supervisor.

Promote Passion and Purpose

Bosses that take the time to promote passion and purpose inside the workplace are already transforming their company culture. When employees are driven by purpose, they can easily find meaning in their daily tasks. An employee who is confident that the work they are doing is important brings value to the business. People that are purposefully working for a company are committed to see it succeed

Bosses can work to grow the sense of purpose in employees by focusing on strong relationships within the workplace, as well as fostering a culture of personal impact and personal growth. Additionally, companies should try to better understand the aspirations and goals of their employees as a way to grow their sense of purpose.

Provide Regular Feedback

In a positive work culture, employees should be receiving regular feedback. Feedback provides the tools employees need to grow and improve. Workers cannot get better at their job without a way to gauge their performance. When bosses provide timely and helpful feedback, both employees and the company benefit. Along with constructive feedback, this practice makes providing encouragement easier as well.

As stressful as some workplaces can be, corporate culture can easily change with the right improvements. As bosses focus more on instilling transparency, encouraging autonomy, facilitating a sense of purpose and providing regular feedback, employees are sure to thrive, both personally and professionally.