Derek has headaches. Bad headaches. One day he passes out and wakes up in an unfamiliar forest. There are bodies surrounding him and the only thing he knows is that there is only one way home. Unfortunately that way home is a woman, MaTisha, who is in the middle of a war and who has no memories of her life. Now his ‘headaches’ are on a mission and they have him completely confused. Can Derek make it home?

If I could give this book 5 stars, Id give it 10! I read a lot of books but in the fantasy genre lately, few are as original and fulfilling as this one. Thanmir War (Niniers Book 1) had me begging for more. Good thing book 2 is in the works.

Loni blew me away with her blending of Earth the incredible world she created. A lot of thought and time gets poured into typical epic fantasy realms and I was impressed with how naturally the landscape was relatable to Earth while being a world completely its own.

She has strong characters with witty personality, my personal favorite being Derek a tortured landscaper with an addiction after my own heart; coffee. A few times, Id have to put the book down and check to make sure it wasn’t my husband I was reading about. Derek’s sarcasm (matched with his counterpart MaTisha) had me laughing and startling those around me.

If you were ever hesitant to read epic fantasy or just need to pick one up again, please, please please, give Thanmir War a chance. This book has earned a permanent spot on my shelf.

You can order it here (and I sure hope you do!!) Thanmir War (Niniers Book 1)