Staff spent a large chunk of their weekly lives working in your business for the most part. This means that over time, they will start to feel a certain connection to it, that is if everything goes well. Staff want to feel at home in their place of work. They want to feel connected, supported, and invested in while there. If you can do this, they will be loyal to you, and try to apply the best of their professional skills to the task they have at hand.

Allowing staff to feel pride in their place of employment is very important. It can help them not only feel like they can fully present their working ability in that environment, but it can also help with their mental health, the likelihood that they will stay with you, and the positive things they have to say about your firm elsewhere. This way, your firm can become rather appreciated within your industry, and that can even lead to new talent wishing for a slice of the pride pie.

Let us consider how you might achieve this:

Line The Halls

Consider what your workplace looks like as you enter. Is it a boring, drab hall? Perhaps with some bookshelves either side and random ornaments to keep things visually interesting? Why fill this entrance with stuff you have no connection with? Wouldn’t it be best to implement a trophy case where staff can walk past and feel pride in their achievements? What about a staff wall and employee of the month and year proudly presented? How about SEG graphic banners that describe something of your business and branding, impressing both staff and guests as they walk in?

You’d be surprised what a little tasteful office decoration can bring to the table, and continually reminding your staff about their achievements will surely only have an additional positive effect.

Cover For Them

Allow them all a competitive salary, many training opportunities, the ability to specialize, and attractive benefits. When staff feel secure, they can conduct their best work. Ideally, you needn’t have to ever give them a reason to question the recompense for their work, so they can feel secure in their personal life while applying the most of themselves to the job at hand.


Ask for staff feedback. It’s all very well and good to tell them how to behave, how to do their jobs and how they can get better, but if this conversation is only one way, staff won’t feel appreciated. When they have a chance to have their say, even in confidence, they feel more engaged and invested in the firm, even if their advice or warnings aren’t necessarily needed immediately. This open door policy should be available at all times, but also committing staff surveys and making improvements based on the results can truly go a long way here.

With these tips, you’re sure to allow staff a place of pride at your firm.