Do you run your own business?

If so, you should make the effort to attend a business conference.

And while you might be reluctant to – you will be busy with the running of your business, you might worry you will be wasting money on registration fees – know that there are benefits to giving up your time and money for the sake of a business conference.

Such as?

Here are some excellent reasons why you should.

#1: You will get the opportunity to promote your business

If there is the possibility of meeting potential clients, customers, or business partners at a conference, then you should definitely make the effort to attend. After all, you wouldn’t get the same opportunity to meet so many people at one time when you’re sitting behind your desk in your office.

You can promote your business in varying ways.

You could hire a trade booth, and set yourself up somewhere at the conference venue. You can then promote your business to anybody who takes an interest, being sure to offer them refreshments and free goodies to make them stick around at your stand for longer.

You can carry your brand around with you as you walk around the conference. Use the following linked site to browse online for professionally branded lanyards and badges, and display them prominently on any clothing that can also display your brand. You will basically become a walking billboard, and this might be helpful in attracting the attention of others. You should also approach other attendees, taking the courage to initiate conversations about your business, perhaps using your name badge to help you introduce yourself.

If you were allowed the opportunity, you could also lead a workshop or a training seminar. Not only will this give you the opportunity to educate others, but you will also give yourself and your business a modicum of credibility by taking an active part. Once people see your worth, you might also get asked to become a keynote speaker at another conference, and that will really boost your popularity. You might want to brush up on your public speaking skills, however!

#2: You might learn something new

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Business conferences hold the potential for many learning opportunities.

You might get to see and hear one of your business idols on stage, and consequently, learn something relevant to you and your business. You might even get to meet them, and not only will this make your day, but it might also improve your business if you can seek their support after the conference has ended.

When attending workshops, you will get to learn about different facets of the business world, and you might even pick up a few new skills in the process.

When you’re in conversation with others, you might learn about a new trend within your industry that could revolutionize your business.

You might learn about new technologies that are shaping the face of your industry, with possible opportunities for hands-on experiences so you can test their worth for yourself.

There are all kinds of learning opportunities; each one of which could prove valuable in the day to day running of your business. You could then pass them onto your employees; assuming, of course, that they didn’t attend the conference with you.

#3: You will learn about your business rivals

Particularly when attending local business conferences, you will get to see what your nearest rivals are up to. They might have a trade booth of their own, so this is your opportunity to get an up close and personal look at the tactics they are using to win customers, the products they are selling, and the plans they might have for the future. Now, while you could be upfront about who you are, you might also hide your badge or lanyard in your pocket, and approach them as a general customer. They will then be less likely to conceal any of their plans from you. Listen to what they have to say, take note of anything that you could use to benefit your business, and if need be, make any changes to what you are doing in business to retain a competitive edge.

#4: You will get out of the office

Despite your busyness, it is good to get out of the office occasionally. A break might be beneficial for you, and you don’t need to feel guilty because by attending a conference, be it for a day or a weekend, you are doing something productive with your time. You might even have some fun in the process. Wine and dine with other attendees. Make new friends. And visit the surrounding area after the conference is done for the day, and do something you might enjoy. You will then return to work not only feeling a little wiser but also more refreshed after your time away. This can only be good for your business!

So, is there a business conference happening near you? If so, add it to your calendar, because the benefits to you and your business might be many. Go and learn something new, meet some interesting people, and let your hair down when it’s all done and dusted (the conference, not your hair). We are sure you will have a fabulous time!