Moving a business is going to be hard for your company. There could be a loss in profits, there could be a loss in staff time management and an increase in employee absenteeism, and there could be a loss in customer service. Honestly, the list could go on and on!

So you’re going to need to keep some things in mind, and at the least, it needs to be these 2 things. You want your office or workshop move to be as efficient as possible, and these points can definitely help you out!

You’ll Need to Give Yourself More Time Than You Think

You’re always going to need a longer schedule than you think! You’re going to need to give yourself a couple of weeks at the least, and hopefully, you’re going to be able to allocate yourself a month or more to get properly settled in.

This guarantees that you’re not rushing to set up your new office, or your new shop, and you won’t forget about any crucial details in the process. You’ll be able to properly set out a timeline, and you won’t be rushing your staff either. They can only get through traffic to the new place so fast, after all.

You’re Going to Need to Take Productive Inventory

How fast do you operate within your current office? How many hours are you happy to log per day, and what kind of shift patterns do you have your employees on? How much do you get done whilst you’re at your desk?

Because these questions are going to tell you how much ‘productive’ time you’re going to be losing out on whilst you’re on the move. And at the same time, they’re going to help set the parameters for your new working environment. You’re going to want similar results from your new place at least, if not better ones.

You’ll Need to Set Up Your Servers

Your network servers are one of the top priorities to focus on during your business move. Without your tech, your business is going to find it very hard to keep on running, and it’s going to take at least twice as long for anything to get done. After all, you’ll have to do all website monitoring from a company phone or tablet, and you won’t have the control and freedom a desktop gives you.

So you’re going to need to move your IT framework as soon as you can; as soon as you know you’ve got a new place to move to, and as soon as you’ve got a date to be in by. You can also click here if you’re worried about integrating your private company network into a new building – there’s a lot of companies out there who can take care of issues like that with no problem.

Moving your business can be a lot of trouble, but don’t worry, there’s a lot of tips out there that can make the process as simple as turning on a computer!